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-:Colors of the heart:- by Lasaro -:Colors of the heart:- :iconlasaro:Lasaro 1,589 311
We Dance
Thousands of souls
Their chorus drowning out the words
As we dance
Reflected in the glow of nothing
On land of blackest pitch
We gaze into each other
Through windows
Barriers hold nothing now
As we dance
How I longed for your demise
How I wished
Asked for your absence
Consumed things
Drank things
Anything to be rid of you
But here you are
The shadow in the mirror
The creature I cannot escape
Wanting to dance
Steeped in an instant
Suspended by a grain of sand
You show me things
Pictures I long forgot
People I longed to forget
Places I no longer remember
A wound in time and mind
Stitched by callous lies
Undone by darkest feelings
Which long to dance
The burdens of Atlas upon me
I long to be rid of them
To destroy them
And be consumed in moonlight
Where I will dance
You take my hand
A shadow taking flesh and bone
Clasped firmly
You peer deep inside
And those words
Those empty, hollow words
Free me from these things
Give me wings of blackest night
So I can dance
And forget
:icondkami:dkami 3 7
Witness to the moment
In the presence of this smile
I stop to reflect and admire
At it's cunning look and guile
I heard so many stories
And now I stand and gaze upon
The glory of a bygone age
And all that has gone before
They taught me of the brush strokes
They taught me of the genius
That birthed the lady
That gave her life
And blessed us with such an enigmatic smile.
Her pose is staunch a little
Yet relaxed and so at ease
I wonder who this woman was
That she toys with us, the tease
The softness of her complexion
Yet somehow so rigid too
A woman dressed in refinery
And somehow, also so butch
I love the artists brush strokes
Because that's what they taught to me
And I love the background also
Of the rivers and the trees
They taught me of the brush strokes
They taught me of the history
Of the mystery
Of the lady
That was chosen to live for eternity
But I see her looking at me
And I will return the stare
Is she really smiling?
No actually, who cares?
Suddenly, I've fallen
And the woman s
:icondkami:dkami 1 10
Lifeless Eyes
I used to think that love was blind,
That it could take me from behind.
That it would come and take me,
Take my heart away,
And tear it into ribbons
And cast them down the drain.
I used to think that I knew love,
But now I know it's not enough.
Writing on the knuckle
Touching on the nerve
Knowing that come what may
I'll always be hurt.
I smile though I'm dying inside,
It hides all of the tears I cried.
I'm no good at goodbyes,
It's just emptiness in disguise.
I'm meant to be surprised,
When you come back in a new guise.
I don't want to win your prize,
I'm tired of hearing all your lies.
Loving though I despise
What lies behind my lifeless eyes...
I used to think I wanted peace,
But now I want much more than this.
I want to take the memories
That lie beneath my skin
Throw them on the bonfire
And pretend they've never been.
I thought that I knew who I was,
Now I know I'm a lost cause.
Driven by a feeling
That's a burden on my soul,
Pushing me ever onwards
Until I am too old.
I smile thou
:icondkami:dkami 2 7
Fairy tale by anry Fairy tale :iconanry:anry 36,521 4,659 Ways to Get Your Chocolate XD by Un-Sospiro Ways to Get Your Chocolate XD :iconun-sospiro:Un-Sospiro 475 274 l by nobodysangelgirl l :iconnobodysangelgirl:nobodysangelgirl 3 6 Wind Guardian V3 by norli Wind Guardian V3 :iconnorli:norli 3,246 258 The Ghost of Caer by luciole The Ghost of Caer :iconluciole:luciole 1,378 437 Autumn 2005 by borammy Autumn 2005 :iconborammy:borammy 143 35 Shael-khannan - S13 art by shirotsuki Shael-khannan - S13 art :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 688 129 RAIN by Zoo-chan RAIN :iconzoo-chan:Zoo-chan 2,135 234 winter fashion by bright-nature winter fashion :iconbright-nature:bright-nature 104 33 Sumomo::Dance::Version 2.0 by HeLLKaTSTaRKiTTy Sumomo::Dance::Version 2.0 :iconhellkatstarkitty:HeLLKaTSTaRKiTTy 601 239



United Kingdom
Current Residence: under my bed...
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Skin of choice: mine......?????
Favourite cartoon character: Glenda from Yucie...shes soo cute
Personal Quote: Heaven doesn't want me....and Hell's afraid i'll take over...

:iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii: :iconkaywaii:

please and thank you.


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